Initially we will be working with various departments in two local schools, Burntwood Secondary School and Smallwood Primary. Both are central to our community and very much part of its history. Burntwood, acknowledged as one of the finest girls schools in south London and the most recent recipient of the Stirling Prize for architecture, was not so long ago a farm that served the Springfield Hospital complex. Next to Garratt Green, once the location of the extraordinary Mayor of Garratt revelries, it a site that is steeped in history. Smallwood School opened in 1898 and still stands in all its Victorian splendour having survived a V2 rocket attack and expansive sixties developments on all sides. We know that at least 40 of the Summerstown182 attended there.

We are very excited about working with the young people from both these schools. They will produce a timeline and an illustrated map and engage in a variety of activities to give them a greater understanding and appreciation of local history and how it has shaped where they live today. We have been overwhelmed by the students engagement and their desire to learn about the history of the streets they know so well. We will provide workshops in history and art through which students will learn oral history skills and help us create digital outputs to promote the 182 stories. They will find out how the area they live and learn in was affected by the events of one hundred years ago.

Look out for a wonderful opportunity to see some of the work we have done over the past year with Smallwood and Burntwood schools at our Summerstown Celebration Day on Saturday 16th September at St Mary’s Church. Meet at the plaque unveiling opposite Tesco at 2pm.