We really believe our project has something to interest everyone. If you are new to the area and want to learn something more about it. If you’ve had family connections for decades and want to share some of your knowledge. If you are just curious about that funny building at the bottom of the road.

We can help! Here’s how you can take part in one of the most comprehensive historic studies of this area as it was a century ago.

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    Become a friend of the Summerstown182

    Come to our meetings, contribute your ideas and play a part in shaping this project and helping it grow.

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    Help research the 182 stories

    We need to find out about all 182 individuals on our war memorial and we need your help.

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    Find out about your family’s First World War history

    Through this project you will learn invaluable research techniques and have the ability to find out a lot more about your own family’s military history.

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    Learn how to record oral history

    A great way of getting to know older people in our neighbourhood and preserving precious archive material which may be lost forever.

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    Volunteer to help at our events

    The more people involved, the more great work we can do and the better our project can become. Everyone is welcome!

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    Come on a Summerstown182 Walk and get to know the streets around you

    Bringing the history onto the streets! Details of all forthcoming Walks on our Events page.

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